Lenovo Smart Self Services Kiosk Solutions - Scan, pay and go

Scan, Pay and Go
Echo to the cashless payment, the contemporary retail business trend and reduce interpersonal contact and crowds under Covid "New Normal", customer can just scan the barcodes of the the commodities, verify details and pay via various cashless payment media (Octopus, Visa, WeChat HK, Alipay HK etc).


Reddot 2022 award winner, stylish and elegant appearance, easy to services
For customer perspective, the solution can make shopping faster, easier and more convenient.
For corporate perspective, it can save money on technology investment by eliminating cash and coin tender options and security scale. Corporate can also focus on staff investment on sales value-added activities rather than dummy cashier routines.
For society, it helps to reduce interpersonal contacts and crowds under Covid "New Normal".

Self Service- Kiosk Brochure



Warranty - 3 years 8x5 Onsite support on Hardware.
24months 8x5 Remote support on Scan, pay and go solution.

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