Marketing Automatiion

Send automated marketing messages to increase sales and conversion rate
WhatsApp, Meta, LINE Solution Provider
HKRMA - Smart Retail Tech Award - Bronze Award
HKRTIA - Best Retail Innovation (Product & Solution) - Gold Award
Watsons Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards 2022 - Digital Strategic Partner Award


Send personalised bulk messages in one go, maximising promotion effectiveness with accurate targeting
Make use of interactive games and coupons to attract new customers and drive engagements
Send automated messages to remind customers of unchecked items via social channels, increasing the conversion rate.
Categorise customers with tags for customer segmentation

Service Packages and Offerings

Free first 1000 WhatsApp conversations per month

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Free 3-month WhatsApp game module

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Omnichat supports businesses to manage messages and customer relationships more effectively, thus increasing the conversion rate and revenue.We also provide CRM data for brands to monitor customer journeys, which facilitates brands to execute accurate remarketing strategies to convert and retain customers.

Customer Cases

How WhatsApp reshaped Venchi to achieve 2 times sales in VIP Week
Leveraging WhatsApp Chat Commerce, Venchi is empowered to communicate with their customers smoothly and seamlessly, delivering a personalised customer journey so as to create amazing tasting experiences. Venchi used WhatsApp Broadcast to blast out tailor-made messages for different target groups. ‘Compared to SMS, the click rate of our broadcast message has increased by 5x. We have achieved 2x growth of the total vouchers sold.’ Alvin Tang, Marketing and Ecommerce Manager of Venchi (Greater China), stated.
Eu Yan Sang’s digital transformation: Increase GMV by 10x with WhatsApp and Mobile App
‘Digital Transformation’ has become a continuing trend among traditional brands, but not every company can successfully create a seamless customer journey and increase sales accordingly. Eu Yan Sang is one in a thousand. Vivian Chan, Senior Manager (E-Commerce) of Eu Yan Sang (HK) Limited, believes ‘Online + Offline ≠ 2’, the result shall be ‘larger than 2’ and Online-merge-Offline (OMO) strategy shall multiply the synergy. The new retail approach ‘Online-merge-Offline’ has been used to help deliver the omnichannel customer experience. With WhatsApp and its brand App, Eu Yan Sang can handle customer enquiries and carry out marketing campaigns easier.

Solution Client

Company Profile
Omnichat是亞太區領先的全渠道對話商務方案供應商。作為 Official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider,同時也是 Meta、LINE 官方技術合作夥伴,為本地和國際零售品牌把握全渠道零售的機遇。 橫跨 Facebook、WhatsApp、Instagram、LINE 、WeChat及官網,Omnichat 的進階技術服務,替品牌整合分散的顧客渠道,集中高效率管理訊息,應用使用者行為數據,自動高成效再行銷。 通過全渠道銷售、聊天機械人以及線上線下整合方案,協助品牌提供無縫購物體驗。 我們的客戶包括 Sasa Cosmetic、六福珠寶、Kidsland(LEGO®️中港零售及代理商)、Logitech、Timberland、FMCG企業、政府部門等。

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