【WOW Fashion】


技術夥伴: Navy FAB - Shopify & Ecommerce Experts

方案名稱: Shopify OMO全渠道智能零售方案 (按此了解更多)

客戶名稱: 【WOW Fashion】



As a designer brand, WOW Fashion wants its customers to view them as an affordable luxury available to them at the best possible price. However, with their previous site, this branding effect could not be reflected as their site lacked “luxury” elements to it.

With an unclear sitemap, unmatched brand color tones, and lack of content, it was difficult for WOW Fashion to improve its site to make it look luxurious.



A digital brand was designed by the Navy FAB team, from color tones, site structure to recommending content ideas. On the newly developed Shopify site, the content items were restructured and redeveloped to make it clear for customers to browse through the site.

In addition, in order to increase interactions with customers on the website, we helped to set up Shopify Inbox for efficient communications.


Creating A Digital Brand

With the aim of rebranding their digital identity as a designer brand, the Navy FAB team polished WOW Fashion’s visual brand elements by recommending a different Shopify theme and a new set of color tones that matches their brand. When compared with their old site, which was mainly bright pink and white, a relatively cooler tone, forest green, and beige color were implemented to give a more elegant and mature look with still a bit of feminine touch to it.


Menu Arrangement

Instead of having product names as menu titles, we created a mega menu by categorizing their product items into Collections, Categories, Latest News, Stars Choice, Sale, About Us, Contact Us.

With a clearer site structure, it makes it easier for customers to navigate the products from the header. Also, regrouping the items gives the site to include more content such as media posts and news articles which increases customer engagement.


Shopify Inbox Setup

Shopify inbox was set up which allows WOW Fashion to chat with their customers live on site. During out-of-office hours, there will be auto-replies that will notify their customers that an agent will follow up with their request as soon as possible.

Quick replies are also available for customers who have general inquiries such as shipment policies, return and refund policies and store opening hours. For such inquiries, auto-replies will be sent to customers without the need of having a staff for a live conversation.


KOL & Media Posts

Collaborations with KOLs and brand ambassadors that have a large fan base certainly are one of WOW Fashion’s greatest assets!

As a former Hong Kong artist, the founder Alley Chan is surrounded by different media and broadcasting channels such as TVB, VIUTV, Mingbao, etc. Having these press releases on their site increases customer engagement by keeping them updated on different celebrity events. As for new customers who just landed on the site, will realize that WOW Fashion is a trusted brand mentioned on different media platforms.

Hence, an individual page was created to showcase these marketing campaigns.