技術夥伴: Navy FAB - Shopify & Ecommerce Experts

方案名稱: Shopify OMO全渠道智能零售方案 (按此了解更多)

客戶名稱: 【Seadon】



As a newly launched brand in 2019, Seadon started off with a crowdfunding site Kickstarter to raise awareness and make the brand available to people who have similar interests and values as Seadon, being sustainable and ethical, yet adventurous. However, checkouts were not available for customers yet and only pre-orders were allowed which hindered the purchase and payment process.

With the aim of growing the business both locally and internationally, Seadon needs a user-friendly website that allows customers to browse products, collections, with a seamless online checkout experience.



Navy FAB created and customized the Shopify theme to ensure that the designs and layouts align with Seadon’s brand image and also ensured that the site has functions that highlight its unique selling proposition.


Shopify Product Page Customization

Sustainability being Seadon’s core brand value, it was important for them to be transparent with their customers and educate them about the sustainable materials and fabrics that were used in production. As such, a customized product page layout with different sections was developed. Distinctive features of the products such as “WoolySoft, Wrinkle Resistant, TempRegulator”. were showcased on the product page. This gave Seadon the flexibility to input different fabrics according to the products.

Another customization was done on the description of the model’s height and size.


Color Swatches with Individual Product links

Instead of the usual function of color swatches where it stays on the same page after selecting the colors, we added links on the color options to redirect them to each of the individual color product pages.


Customised Size Chart Pop Up

A size chart popup was designed in order to minimize the space that will occupy on the product page which will be a better use for listing out the materials and fabrics.

The Men and Women size charts are shown according to the gender collections.


App Consultation & Recommendations

Customer feedback and reviews are always important for an online brand. For that reason, we carried out research and app tests to see which one is more compatible with their site. After a few rounds of testing and reviews, we suggested Smile.io for customer loyalty enhancements and Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos for customer review.

Both of the apps were installed and set up accordingly on their site.