【Gifthampers Macau】


技術夥伴: Navy FAB - Shopify & Ecommerce Experts

方案名稱: Shopify OMO全渠道智能零售方案 (按此了解更多)

客戶名稱: 【Gifthampers Macau】



Their existing Shopify site targeting the Macau market had a legacy non-sectioned theme which meant that the possibility to customize the storefront was limited. This roadblock on customisation also limited the possibility to align their branding with other existing sister stores such as Gift Hampers Hong Kong and Gift Hampers Malaysia.



As a response to the legacy non-sectioned theme, Navy FAB designers were able to capitalise on this and completely revamp the site and align the site’s branding with existing sister stores. This revamp and rebranding significantly improved the overall user interface and user experience.

Through the revamp, the team was able to migrate the existing site to a sectioned theme with store front customisations including a customized cart page.


Migration and revamp of website

As they were already based on Shopify, the Navy FAB team migrated the existing Gift Hampers Macau site information onto a sectioned theme. By studying existing sister sites and taking into consideration consistent branding, we picked a theme that was appropriate for the overall design.


Customized cart page

As a gift provider, Gift Hampers customers need to be able to choose their delivery date and ensure that delivery details are clear. As the store doesn’t make use of Shopify Plus, any checkout related customized materials need to be placed on the cart page. With this in mind, the Navy FAB development team made use of a delivery date option plug-in along with a form to be filled out by customers for all delivery related details. This customization ensures that all delivery details are noted at once in one step for the customer creating a better user experience.