技術夥伴: Navy FAB - Shopify & Ecommerce Experts

方案名稱: Shopify OMO全渠道智能零售方案 (按此了解更多)

客戶名稱: 【Artandi】



In order to make the art pieces available for ordering and purchasing, there was a need for Arudrey to set up an ecommerce site. Selling art pieces online can be difficult and needs a lot of effort as you need to strike a balance between being artistic yet having a functional and conversion-friendly site.



After knowing the project requirements, the Navy FAB team suggested a Shopify theme that has more design elements and sections. Customizations on the theme were done upon the client’s request during the review stage. Collections of different artists were also created and products were set up accordingly in the Shopify backend system.


Compromise Mockup Design

As the Homapge reflects your brand, it was important for Ardurey to make their Homepage as unique as possible: who the artist is, what their art looks like, what it’s about. Designers from the Navy FAB team and Ardurey’s team compromised to come up with the mock-up design of the site first before actually setting up the store. This was to ensure that the Navy FAB team will be able to suggest the right theme for them and also to better understand which sections are important.


Design Heavy Customizations

After the mockup designs were compromised, there were still areas that needed customizations for artistic elements on the site such as parallax scrolling effects on the images of the Homepage.

There were also special design requests from Ardurey such as removing the border for product grids on the product page, limiting the number of products on the recommended section to make it even, and changing the mouse hover effect of the grid images.


Chatbot setup

Live chat was set up on the site which allows customers to enquire about the products. Quick replies were also created for pre-ordering and product shipment as customers will be directly notified.

After the setup has been completed, a training session was held to train Ardurey’s staff on operating the back-end system of the chatbot. It included how they can respond to customers’ inquiries, check their cart items or order history, create new rules and automation for replies.