Foodival Restaurant Management System

Assisting F&B vendors in reducing food cost by automating food procurement and inventory management across restaurants, procurement and central kitchen for business growth
FOODIVAL restaurant management system is designated for the Food and Beverage industry to support their business growth through maximizing profit and reducing food costs. It streamlines and automates all backend tasks related to inventory management and procurement across procurement, restaurant(s), central kitchen(s). FOODIVAL also offers add-on modules, including recipe and food cost analysis, central kitchen(s), human resource management and accounting systems, serving businesses with different scales and operation needs. With a single platform, you are able to get full control of your business and boost your business potential to its maximum capacity.


Reduce food cost and food waste
Simplify and automate procurement procedures
Accurate Inventory management
Improve recipes via recipe analysis
Strengthen control over central kitchen

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FOODIVAL is suitable for chained restaurants to manage the procurement and inventory with all kinds of procurement models, e.g. central procurement, restaurant procurement or even combined models and/or central kitchen(s).

Procurement Management

Streamline Procurement Process

  • Consolidated purchase requisition (PR) from restaurants and/or central kitchen, or; create purchase orders (PO) to the supplier, and send to suppliers via whatsapp, e-fax or email based on a customizable template
  • Allow procurement department to monitor and manage all PR and PO, production status of central kitchen and delivery status in a consolidated view in the backend
  • All PR and PO are recorded in the system, not only to improve the efficiency, but also update the actions to other parties in real-time.

Improve Supplier Management

  • Create supplier’s order forms and unify the choice and price of ingredients within the chains
  • Create suppliers’ profiles including their delivery schedules, to predict the goods arrival date
  • Qualify the supplies’ product and services each delivery for review 

Start Recipe Management

  • Store and organize digital recipes for all food items, it can provide the intelligence on nutritional information and costs.

Inventory Management 

Complete Inventory Movement

  • Store all inventory movements such as stock in, stock out, stock transfer etc.,  by either batch or expiry date, ensuring accurate inventory records
  • Support the input of delivery information e.g. quantity and upload relevant photos, for maintaining accurate stock records
  • Allows automatic conversion of different units e.g. box to kg

Active Reminder

  • Notify restaurant staff of upcoming and uncompleted tasks daily e.g. undelivered ingredients, unsubmitted or unconfirmed procurement orders etc.

Low Inventory Notification 

  • Low stock alert and unsubmitted and unconfirmed order form reminder available to ensure every item on the menu is available to maintain satisfactory customer service and food quality

Expiring Ingredients Alert 

  • Keep track of "use by date" for every ingredient based on the delivery/production date 
  • Send expiry alerts to avoid incurring extra food cost from food wastage due to spoilage


Reports and Analysis 

  • Provide diversified inventory and procurement reports for developing strategic plans to increase profit margins
  • Compare actual and ideal cost by integrating data from Foodival and POS
  • Provide operation reports by branches 
  • Other reports include stock take variation, and stock aging & shrinkage reports etc. 

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