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Property Management System Hong Kong is a centralized platform for wide variety of property types. Users can manage tenant & property easily, collect payments & track rent due to maximize profitability of your commercial real estate operations. By empowering the features of Property Management Software, the entire leasing process from identifying potential tenant to finalization of tenancy documentation can be managed under the contract management system via the leasing portal.
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Contract Management

Comprehensive contract management system with email notifications for contract renewals via email. Ensures you can renew, renegotiate, cancel or consolidate all the contracts on your terms.



Billing and Invoicing

Manage any type of property or income stream through one single billing system on our solutions. Moreover, the software offers comprehensive access right control capability and sends invoices automatically.



Rent Collections

Electronic rent collection allows easy setup of automatic payments from your tenants, whether monthly or any custom option. Accepts mobile payment, Faster Payment System (FPS), Autopay and other payment methods.



Tenant Management

Creates efficient organization by centralizing tenant and client management, overseeing their statements, electronic invoice distribution, and activities log via our real estate CRM solutions.



Lease Accounting

Take advantage of the Property Management Software’s fully built-in general accounting, as well as financial reports and analyses. Keep track of and audit all expenses and payments on a systematic basis.



Portfolio & Property Management

Provide critical visibility into portfolio performance with cash flow forecast, rental income, and expense. Allow leases tracking, property search and occupation in an efficient way under the leasing portal.



Customer Relationship

Facilitate interactions between sales and customers with an end-to-end solution by capturing and connecting marketing activities to improve customer experience. Empower your commercial operations with comprehensive lease management and detailed lease profiles.



Reporting and Analysis

This powerful reporting tool enables you to quickly evaluate rental income based on different factors. Flexible reporting allows you to make better business decisions and meet the need of complex ownership structures.



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Customer Cases

Tai Hung Fai Group
"FlexSystem is a well-established and reputable IT company in Hong Kong. Its solutions offer great flexibility and can be customized to meet our needs. The solutions also feature a high level of security with strict access control. Their consultants provide timely response and professional support to us," said Sunny Leung, IT Manager.
"Financial reporting and analytic capabilities minimize our workload in consolidating financial data as well as give us a comprehensive understanding of our business performance in different periods," said Johnny Cheng, Business Development Manager.

Company Profile
FlexSystem的集團成員aCube Solutions,是提供新一代企業資源計劃軟件平台的IT領導公司,將顧客的營運效能最大化。過去數十年間,我們了解每位顧客的特殊需求,並成為上千家中型機構至大型企業所信賴的合作夥伴,逾2000家公司採用我們的解決方案,其中包含十分之一福布斯全球最強2000家公司。aCube以過往的經驗及成就與追求科技的熱誠,帶領顧客獲得最大化的投資報酬,並提升具有競爭力的優勢。 aCube Solutions, a member of FlexSystem Group, is a leading IT company that provides new generation of enterprise management software platform to maximize client’s operational efficiency. In the past decade, we understood the unique needs of the every customer and became the trusted partner of thousands of organizations from mid-sized companies to enterprises. There are over 2,000 companies using our solutions including 1 in 10 Forbes Global 2000. With our history of proven accomplishments and enthusiasm for technology excellence, aCube guides users to both maximize return on investment and to build competitive advantage.

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