Event Review: Enhancing Industry Connections through the DDIY Platform Visit to the Hong Kong Food Council


On November 14, 2023, we had the honor of visiting the Hong Kong Food Council, joining forces with industry leaders to discuss the digital transformation journey of the catering industry. The meeting not only enhanced our understanding of industry needs but also provided an excellent opportunity to analyze the current business situation with industry elites. In the meeting, we delved into the operational status and challenges of the catering industry and introduced the latest information on the "Digital Transformation Support Pilot Program," a significant project initiated by Cyberport with a budget allocation of 500 million Hong Kong dollars from the government's financial budget. 

This event specially invited representatives from the secretariat of the "Digital Transformation Support Pilot Program" - Cyberport, who shared the latest tips for seeking "FUND" to boost the catering industry with funding support! 


A new member of the DDIY platform - Daisy AI, made its debut at the meeting. Utilizing the embedded AI technology - ChatGPT, Daisy AI provided a new method of industry needs analysis for members of the catering industry. By simply answering a few questions, members could easily find the technological solutions suited for their business, thus opening the door to digital transformation.


DDIY will continue to visit various supporting organizations tirelessly to gain an in-depth understanding of the actual conditions and operational challenges of different industries. A series of planned online and offline matching events aim to provide industry professionals with practical application examples, to inspire and support local enterprises on the path of digital transformation. DDIY is committed to becoming the best partner for the industry, exploring the path to successful digitalization together. 

If you would like to acquire additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at ddiy@hkpc.org.

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