Event Recap:Enhancing Industry Connections through the DDIY Platform Visit to Institute of Dining Professionals


On 16 January, 2024, we had the privilege of visiting the Institute of Dining Professionals . This meeting not only deepened our understanding of the needs of the catering industry but also provided a rare opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions about current business operations with industry experts.

In response to the government's upcoming "Digital Transformation Support Pilot Program," which primarily targets the catering and retail sectors, each eligible enterprise will receive a maximum of 50,000 Hong Kong dollars in funding. It is anticipated that at least 8,000 enterprises will benefit from this initiative. To assist caterers in preparing their funding applications, we have organized "Hands-On Digital Skills and Experiential Workshop". This workshop brings together nearly 20 digital experts, offering over 30 training sessions and more than 100 practical case studies. Abandoning dry theory, the workshop focuses on practical case analysis and practical skills, ensuring that members learn with ease and can apply their knowledge effortlessly!

IDP's members also enjoy exclusive benefits - HK$150 for 4 workshops. They can get early experience with online promotion, electronic payment systems, in-store sales strategies, and customer management loyalty systems, leveraging digital technology to enhance the efficiency of the catering business. By attending just 4 workshops, members can transform their management approach, free up human resources, and effectively optimize business processes, making everything more relaxed and efficient!



DDIY will continue to visit various supporting organizations to gain in-depth insights into the specific conditions and operational challenges of different industries. Through a series of online and offline activities, DDIY aims to demonstrate real-world application cases to industry professionals, encouraging and assisting local enterprises on their digital transformation journey. DDIY is committed to becoming the best partner in the industry, forging a successful path to digitalization together. 

If you would like to acquire additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at ddiy@hkpc.org

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