【Tech Talk - Small Businesses, Big Impact: Making It Simple and Getting Past Hurdles】


Want to secure a place in the market, rather than just being a follower? Are you struggling with developing marketing strategies and promotional materials such as copywriting and layout? In this “customer-centric: digital age, effectively leveraging digital tools and financial strategies is no longer an option, but a crucial path to drive business growth. Join the upcoming "Tech Talk” to discover the key to success!
We have invited technology experts from Adobe and BOCHK to shed light on the latest AI technologies and marketing strategies in a simple and clear manner, including the AI generative tool, Firefly which can help your team to transform content into top-notch materials with just a few clicks. With Firefly and other AI generative tools, endless creativity can be inspired and your content can be optimised continuously ensuring your brand stands out in the market! Apart from technical sharing, we'll also guide you into the world of digital finance. A representative from Global Telecommunications International Limited will unveil the secrets behind their successful story, teaching you how to integrate technology, digital finance and financial services to ensure sustainable business growth.

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