【YOOV Assisted Hongkong Storage in Simplifying HR Workload by Leveraging Digital Technology】


A Hong Kong pioneer in the self storage industry with 25 years of history

Hongkong Storage has been serving Hong Kong since 1997. It has continuously introduced the new concept of self-storage over the last 25 years. It provides mini storage, mobile lockers, business document storage, and other services. Hongkong Storage has wide network coverage in Hong Kong, with a storage area of over 250,000 square feet.


Hongkong Storage has actively expanded its business scope in recent years. However, as the company grew in size, the existing HRM system, which only provided basic functions, was unable to meet its business needs. The complex organizational structure has motivated Hongkong Storage to implement digital transformation, leveraging cloud digital technology to simplify HR operational tasks.


Factors driving businesses to transform their operations with digital technology


YOOV WORK HRM System streamlines rostering, attendance, and leave management

Hongkong Storage's previous HR system was acquired 6 years ago and only provided leave management, salary calculation, tax filing, and other basic functions. Furthermore, the system’s in-house server may easily suffer data loss in an emergency such as a power outage.

In 2022, Hongkong Storage chose to use YOOV WORK HRM & Workflow Approval System to automate human resource management, making rostering, attendance management, and leave approval management easier.

Improvement 1: Rostering time reduced from half a day to 2 hours

Hongkong Storage is a market leader with a wide branch network of all over Hong Kong. Each department of the company operates at different times in order to satisfy the storage needs of customers at any time. For example, the customer service, sales, and facility management departments must all work in shifts from Monday to Sunday in various branches, warehouses, and customer service centres, while the clerical staffs provide support on a five-day week basis. In addition to full-time employees, contract and part-time employees are hired to keep each branch running smoothly, resulting in more than four working shifts, which consumes a lot of resources and time in management.

Hongkong Storage used to rely on Excel for rostering. After collecting the roster forms from various offices and warehouses, it took half a day for HR to input the information into the system and send out the rosters via e-mail. The time-consuming, labor-intensive process, as well as the complex work shifts, greatly increase the difficulty of rostering.


In YOOV WORK’s Rostering Management, HR and supervisors can collaborate in the backend to create rosters online, making the process faster and smoother. Supervisors can create rosters in batches at once by simply dragging and dropping in the system, saving time, and improving efficiency by more than 6 times by eliminating the need to repeatedly input data and check rostering records. After completing the rosters, all roster updates will be immediately displayed in the system for employees to check the rosters on their own using computers or mobile phones, without having to e-mail the rosters to each employee individually. HR can perform the tasks of rostering, adding leave remarks, and swapping shifts on a single page to improve work efficiency.

Improvement 2: Simple leave management with mobile leave application and approval features

Before switching to YOOV WORK, employees had to apply for leave with a formal email notice to their supervisors and HR department. The approval time could take up to one week or even longer until being notified that their application was denied.


In YOOV WORK, employees can easily apply for and manage their leaves in a mobile App. After submitting the application, the system will notify the supervisor and HR immediately. If the application is not being processed promptly, the system will send a reminder for pending approval after 7 days. Employees can also check their application status in the App clearly. After approval, the system will automatically record and accurately calculate the leave balance, allowing employees to check their own leave data later.

Improvement 3: Record attendance data of shift employees clearly

Hongkong Storage has over 50 working locations, and field employees are always required to work at multiple locations in a single day. HR used to have a heavy reliance on paper records for employee time clocking data which increased their workload by manually entering the data into the system.


YOOV WORK assists in digitalizing attendance management and recording employee attendance, late, and leave data in real-time. HR or supervisor can simply view the real-time attendance record in the mobile App.

YOOV WORK assists Hongkong Storage in its journey of HRM digitalization to cope with internal and external challenges such as expansion, complex organizational structure, rising industry competitiveness, etc. YOOV’s high adaptability facilitates flexible team management and better time management for smooth and effective business operations.

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