【AQ Bio Digitalization Transformation With YOOV】


A Historical Local Brand That Offers Natural Disinfection Products For 14 Years

In 2008, AQ Bio Technology Group Limited established the brand "AQ", to develop natural disinfection products using high-end biotechnology. Aiming to create a safer, more comfortable, and pollution-free living environment. The AQ Bio Sanitizer can be used to solve a variety of common sub-health issues and prevent the spread of disease.


As one of the market leaders, AQ has received numerous awards throughout 14 years. There are 9 speciality stores and nearly 30 points of sale in Hong Kong, a variety of manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and China, and products are available in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Managing Employee Attendance Data Is Challenging

AQ Bio has over 100 frontline staff and back-office personnel. Most attendance records are handwritten. Attendance rate and attendance data directly affect employee compensation and bonus ratios, making it difficult to accurately and completely record employee attendance data. AQ Bio places a high value on employee punctuality, it has established a penalty of HK$ 1 per minute of being late. If the paper attendance records are lost or incorrectly recorded in the early stages, they will directly affect the calculation of employee compensation and bonuses in the future. The accuracy of attendance records is of particular importance. 

In the long run, the paper record method is not optimal. The company requires a reliable cloud HR Management System that can streamline approval processes for overtime pay, rostering, and salary calculations. AQ Bio selected YOOV one-stop cloud human resource management system to solve a series of management issues.


Streamline Complex Processes And Achieve Comprehensive Digital Attendance Management

AQ Bio has nearly 40 points of sales, and dozens of frontline workers such as transportation and packaging, all of them record working hours by hand. Additional staff will be dispatched to collect all paper attendance records, and then manually enter the data into an Excel spreadsheet. This process involves a complex logistical framework and increases the process of data integration, which is not cost-effective in terms of manpower, material resources, and time.

The YOOV team understands the management difficulties of AQ Bio and provides a reliable digital solution, YOOV WORK. To assist AQ Bio in enhancing its HR management processes through the use of technology.


YOOV Work Smart Attendance Management supports multiple punch-in methods, attendance machine (facial/fingerprint recognition), mobile app punch-in (GPS/workplace Wi-Fi) and accurately records the attendance time of frontline employees. Administrators can customize attendance rules in YOOV WORK, as well as the penalties for late arrivals and early departures. The system calculates the salary deduction according to the self-defined rules, without manual calculations, which is convenient for the HR department to calculate employee salaries and bonuses.


As attendance data is synchronized in real-time, administrators and employees are able to access various information on the mobile APP together, such as absentee records, number of late arrivals, etc., eliminating the need for manual transcription, inputting information, or verifying punch records.

One-stop Digital Management System For Comprehensive Personnel Management

In collaboration with YOOV, AQ Bio has successfully digitized the HR process, ranging from salary calculation, attendance management, approval processes, leave applications, to rostering management, greatly improving the decision-making and management efficiency. 

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