【Get Fresh O2O Simplifies HR Operations With YOOV】


The First O2O Chain Of Fruit Ingredients In Hong Kong

Get Fresh O2O is the first fruit and ingredient O2O chain provider in Hong Kong. The first Get Fresh store opened in 2017. Currently, there are 25 stores in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. Get Fresh O2O strives to become a one-stop, reliable food retailer, combining online shopping and offline pickup for a unique O2O shopping experience for Hong Kong people. The company's business is diversified, and it is also involved in Japanese catering, Sankai and cake shop.


Human Resource Management Pressure Under Rapid Expansion

Get Fresh O2O's business and employee numbers have grown rapidly in recent years. The number of stores has doubled within just two years, from 10 to 25 in 2020. During the same period, the company's business types have become diversified. Managing several brands, from retail outlets to Japanese restaurants, with nearly 150 employees. The expansion of scale has prompted the company to adopt digital transformation for day-to-day HR operations. Streamline HR operations by centralizing management and standardizing processes.


Get Fresh O2O, as a supplier of high-quality fruit ingredients, must ensure the freshness of the products and the speed of delivery. Thus, the company places a high value on logistics and speed of transportation. Every position in the store or warehouse must be staffed by employees to keep the production line running smoothly. As the team has grown, the number of employee attendance data and leave requests has also grown.


Cloud HR System Relieves Management Pressure Resulting From Team Expansion

YOOV understands the management challenges that come with Get Fresh O2O's rapidly expanding number of stores and a growing team, and the requirements for centralized management of rostering, attendance, and leave approval. Therefore, YOOV provides a cloud HR management system for Get Fresh O2O, YOOV WORK.


YOOV WORK Smart Rostering Management system is easy to use, providing the ability to schedule shifts daily or monthly for the same category of employees (full-time/part-time) at the same time. Arrange staff work locations, assign frontline staff to different stores, and record the rostering process. Ensure that every position is staffed to prevent bottlenecks in the production line. YOOV WORK Smart Attendance Management supports multiple punch-in methods. Employees of retail stores use the mobile app to punch in, while employees of warehouses and offices use the attendance machines. The attendance records are stored in the cloud HR management system.


YOOV WORK Smart Leave Managementself-serve leave management, employees request leave through the mobile app and HR departments approve it online. The system will record and count the accurate leave balance automatically. Employees can also online access the information of leave history and leave balance.


A One-Stop Cloud HR System For Growing SMEs

With the help of YOOV, it relieved the pressure on Get Fresh O2O's business and team expansion. To help the company actively grow its e-commerce and retail activities and to make wiser business decisions.

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