技術夥伴: Sanuker Inc. Limited

方案名稱: 全渠道Teams收件箱訊息解決方案 (按此了解更多)

客戶名稱: ChicMe



該公司透過聊天、減少電話通話讓大多數客戶直接購買來提高自動化程度。增加了36%透過 Messenger 開啟對話、轉化率提升20%、減少30%國際電話通話量。

Encouraging Messenger conversations during the shopping journey

ChicMe worked with Sanuker, an automated conversation specialist, to add Messenger Chat Plugin to its website and build an automated experience for Messenger that answered frequently asked questions. For customers with complex queries, Sanuker built in a handover protocol that seamlessly transfers them to a live agent for further assistance.

Once launched, ChicMe shoppers could access Messenger via the retail site and receive pre-purchase customer care. The retail site also activated Guest User Mode so that people who were not logged in to a Facebook or Messenger account could still begin a frictionless conversation in Messenger.



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