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Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best SME ICT (Adoption) Gold Award
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Workforce optimization is increasingly important as businesses become more dynamic and cost-conscious in a global economy. Many companies are looking for an effective and intelligent solution that optimizes their staff roster in order to let the right employees do the right tasks at the right place and time – all while achieving a high level of employee job satisfaction. By using Artificial Intelligent (AI) technology, OPTIX's workforce management software provides a solution to optimize workforce planning and staff rostering in four major areas: Demand Forecasting, Staff Rostering, Employee Self-Service, Job Assignment


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Optix's AI Rostering Solution is designed to automate and optimize staff work schedules using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology. It considers the forecasted demand, staff availability, skillset, and human preferences to generate rosters that fulfill all the given constraints in an efficient and cost-effective way. The solution reduces the time and effort required for creating rosters, such that what-if analysis and scenario analysis with different objectives can be done quickly. With the AI rostering solution, the planning staff can come up with different workforce management strategies for different situations easily, and overall efficiency and productivity can be improved.

Optix's AI Workforce Optimization Solution

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Established in 2010, Optix Solutions (OPTIX has proven track records in Research & Development. We specialize in Artificial Intelligence (Al), Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Optimization algorithms. OPTIX R&D is led by a team of PhDs and experienced software developers, who have significantly contributed to various industries over the years. Our vision is to embody, popularize and actualize advanced technologies for various sizes of organizations, from local SMEs to large Multinational Corporations, in the region. OPTIX delivers high-quality projects and products, such as Resource Optimization, Predictive Analytics, Intelligent Web Crawling, various Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Systems, and so on, to our clients in Asia and Europe while continuously expanding its IT services and core competencies to Logistics, Transportation, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Field Services, and F&B industries. Excellences of the company have been well recognized by the industry via numerous awards such as Top 10 Cognitive Technology Consulting/ Services Companies - 2019, 25 Most Recommended Artificial Intelligence Companies - 2017, Hong Kong ICT Awards 2015: Best SME ICT (Adoption) Gold Award, Hong Kong Awards for Industries 2015: Productivity and Quality Award, etc.

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