MIZAR Fieldwork Management System

Effortlessly manage extensive fieldwork and stay closely connected to the progress!
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MIZAR is a fieldwork management system that utilizes cloud-based systems and a connected mobile application, assisting business in efficiently managing large volume of fieldwork. It provides real-time updates on status and on-site photos, simplifying workflow processes. It also allows for centralized and systematic storage of all work records and documents, significantly improving the quality of customer service teams and enabling high-quality management of frontline work teams, thus fulfilling the commitment to customer service.


Enhance operational efficiency
Improve service quality
Update frontline service processes in real-time
Facilitate organization and analysis
Offers Monthly Subscription Plans
Cost reduction
Simplified workflow

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MIZAR enables seamless work across a range of devices, including both website and mobile application.

  1. Console Website
  • Add fieldwork tasks and categorize them, define priority levels, and assign responsible personnel.
  • Add service contracts and schedule daily work.
  • Schedule maintenance/inspection appointments.
  • Assign tasks to frontline staff in real-time.
  • Connect with service stations (Kiosks).
  • Instantly upload photos, documents, etc., and update statuses.
  • Track, search, and analyze work.
  • Receive reminders for overdue tasks.


  1. Mobile Application
  • Interact with the console website in real-time.
  • Add fieldwork tasks.
  • Update task details and statuses.
  • Take photos and upload them to the console website.
  • Team members and console can communicate in real-time through the chat room, and the system archives communication logs.
  • Check task statuses.
  • Supervisors receive prompt notifications if a task remains idle for a period of time.


MIZAR significantly enhances work efficiency and customer service quality while ensuring well-organized document record management. With fast information retrieval and diverse analytical perspectives, it assists management in identifying problem areas and making improvements, facilitating rapid business expansion.

Benefits include:

  • Improved workflow efficiency and service quality, ensuring service level agreements are met.
  • Real-time updates on all frontline service processes, saving time and costs.
  • Collection of extensive information for easy organization and analysis.
  • Ability to analyze from different perspectives, including machines, customers, engineers, and service levels.

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Company Profile
BEX Solutions Limited 滙智系統成立超過10年,我們致力於應用最新技術,專注於各種雲系統和手機應用的開發,充分利用個人智能手機和後端雲系統的融合,幫助企業提高管理品質和運營效率,從而增強競爭力,脫穎而出! 我們的專業團隊擁有多年的軟件開發經驗,充分了解用戶的需求和期望,也掌握系統順利開發和成功實施的關鍵要素。我們不斷提供和開發有效、穩定、可靠的企業管理系統。我們的主要產品包括MIZAR外勸工作管理系統、ESIA數碼工程監督系統、HRM人力資管理源系統、MATEX電子採購管理系統、COO批發零售進銷存管理系統、STAX盤點系統等,協助不同行業的企業快速發展,升級改造!科技每天都在進步,我們不斷學習、開發新技術,再開發新的應用,讓大家每天都共同進步!

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