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香港生產力促進局(生產力局)是於1967年成立的法定機構,致力以世界級的先進技術和創新服務,驅動香港企業提升卓越生產力。生產力局作為工業4.0和企業4.0促進者,致力加速香港再工業化發展,全面促進香港成為國際創新科技中心及智慧城市;並提供全方位的創新方案,以提升企業生產力和業務效率、減省營運成本,令企業在本地和海外市場中保持競爭優勢。生產力局積極與本地工商界及世界級研發機構合作,開發應用技術方案,為產業創優增值。透過產品創新和技術轉移,成功讓研發成果商品化,製造商機。多年來,生產力局的世界級研發成果獲得廣泛肯定,屢獲本地及海外獎項殊榮。 生產力局亦致力為中小企和初創企業提供即時和適切的支援,並提供各類未來技能發展課程,讓企業掌握最新數碼及STEM技術,以加強企業技能及提升市場競爭力。 The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) is a multi-disciplinary organisation established by statute in 1967, to promote productivity excellence through relentless drive of world-class advanced technologies and innovative service offerings to support Hong Kong enterprises. Being a key enabler of Industry 4.0 and Enterprise 4.0, HKPC strives to facilitate Hong Kong’s reindustrialisation, as well as bolstering Hong Kong to be an international innovation and technology hub and a smart city. The Council offers comprehensive innovative solutions for Hong Kong industries and enterprises, enabling them to achieve resources and productivity utilisation, effectiveness and cost reduction, and enhance competitiveness in both local and overseas marketplace. The Council partners and collaborates with local industries and enterprises and world-class R&D institutes to develop applied technology solutions for value creation. It also benefits a variety of sectors through product innovation, technology transfer, and commercialisation, bringing enormous business opportunities ahead. HKPC’s world-class R&D achievements have been widely recognised over the years, winning an array of local and overseas accolades. In addition, HKPC offers SMEs and startups immediate and timely assistance in coping with the ever-changing business environment, as well as enhancing their competitive edge by providing a variety of FutureSkills trainings to upskill and nurture talents with digital capabilities and STEM competencies.

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