Solution for managing attendance, designed to precisely track time, enhance productivity monitoring, and boost work efficiency.
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SmartAttendance is a user-friendly tool aimed at simplifying attendance tracking. It's a great help for companies wanting to monitor when and how their employees are working. Among its key features are time tracking where employees log in and out using their phones, and the tool keeps a record of their working hours. There's also a location check using GPS to determine where employees are logging in from. In addition, there's a signature field where workers can sign to confirm their presence. Companies can view records to see when their employees were in or out. Extra features include displaying public holidays in Hong Kong, counting the number of leave days taken by an employee, and a function for supervisors to approve days off. Details of leaves can be viewed in SharePoint, and the tool sends updates and alerts through Email and Microsoft Teams. Ultimately, SmartAttendance can help identify which employees are performing well and which ones might need more training, thereby contributing to a more productive work environment.


Employees record their attendance using their own mobile phones, reducing administrative tasks and fostering a more efficient work method.


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SmartAttendance features:

  • Staff can sign in anytime using their cell phones.
  • GPS location recording.
  • Employee signature field.
  • Accurate time recording.
  • Backend SharePoint system to view employees' daily attendance records.
  • Calendar that automatically displays Hong Kong public holidays.
  • Automatic calculation of leave days.
  • Supervisor approval function.
  • SharePoint view of employees' leave details.
  • Email and Microsoft Teams alerts.

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Average Monthly Cost: HKD 1494.3