【Tech Talk】- Effortless Overseas Payment and Easy Finance Tracking!


Expanding businesses to foreign markets is an immense challenge for SMEs, representing not only the extension of dreams but also potentially leading to nightmarish scenarios. Particularly for SMEs lacking experience in international payments, the difficulties are numerous, and the journey ahead is demanding. In the fiercely competitive business environment, diverse and convenient payment methods are crucial for business growth. However, offering multiple payment options alone is inadequate to meet merchants' needs. To seize the digital transformation advantage, a comprehensive grasp of accounting and financial management is indispensable.

At the next Tech Talk, experts from Airwallex and Odoo will provide easy-to-understanding guidance on how to overcome the worries of overseas remittance and the pressures of accurate reconciliation. They will showcase an enterprise account platform that allows you to handle overseas remittances and expense management, and even share a "corporate" card, providing you with a seamless transaction experience. Additionally, you can achieve multi-currency collections and payments simultaneously. The experts will also demonstrate an intelligent reconciliation system that optimises your business processes with a single click and consolidates financial reports in real-time, providing you with a clear view of your business data. Say "bye" to tedious payment and financial management!

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