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在現今數位轉型的浪潮下,越來越多企業視雲端運算為企業的首要策略,也開始透過雲端ERP平台的規劃,來降低企業的經營成本、減少工作流程、準確的數據和自動化流程。 作為 Oracle NetSuite 的5星合作夥伴,Introv英迪瑞為企業提供世界級的雲端ERP – Oracle NetSuite,這平台不僅可以統一及優化企業內部資料處理流程,開放式的系統架構,更有利於延伸產線與倉儲自動化等相關建置。純雲端免除硬體及相關維護困擾,減少人力負擔,世界級的基礎架構增加系統品質控制、安全性及提升企業管理能力,配合企業發展,尋找更多商機。


IT Consultancy - Our IT Consultants help achieve your unique business goals whilst overcoming your challenges. We offer expert advices on how to operate your business better by digital transformations, and how to ultimately to grow and eliminate wastage.
Business Analysis - We can help identify any problems, potential opportunities and gaps within the service delivery and execution in all industries and in all sizes.
IT Strategy - We will guide and help put together an IT roadmap driven by your business goals, objectives and your growth plans.
Cloud Services - We offer a variety of cloud services to suit of a variety of business needs. Whether you are a growing business or have limited office space for your IT infrastructure, you can access your data from anywhere, at any time, securely.
Project Management - We can help you outline your business practice and disciplines and further utilise your leadership skills to better engage with stakeholders to ensure your initiatives are completed to scope, to schedule and within budget.
Implementation - We offer a range of services that go beyond deployment, helping you plan, implement and integrate your solutions efficiently and effectively and in a way that makes sense to your business.
Maintenance - If you are looking for additional maintenance and support for your business, our Specialist Consultants are here to provide a service that will keep your systems up and running, 24×7 in an event of the unexpected.
Roll Out - With careful planning and a highly experienced implementation team, we can help roll out your new software quickly and efficiently.
Training/Support If your team is growing or whether you need a refresher course, get in touch with us. We offer comprehensive training support packages to suit all corners of the business function.
Adoption Support Only - We offer two types of Adoption services: Software Adoption and User Adoption

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Introv provides a comprehensive Oracle NetSuite ERP which includes Financial Management, Financial Planning, Order Management, Production Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse & Fulfilment, Procurement, Customer Relationship Management, E-Commerce modules.

The Beauty of ERP & Why ERP:


01 Robust ERP for Operation Efficiency

ERP eliminates repetitive processes, and greatly reduces the need to manually enter information. Centralising all your data in one single, flexible intuitive ERP platform allows effective communication updated for all business units across your organisation. With accurate data and automated workflow, the platform helps reduce human error and accelerate your sales activities.

02 Boost decision-making with built-in business intelligence

Don’t only rely on your memory to stir up gut-instinct decisions. Don’t get stuck scrambling through old emails, or waiting for data to make it through between different business units and business systems. Instead of having data distributed throughout separated sources, all information is now stored in a single location. Management can always access key business performance indicators. Achieve success & steady growth by making the right decisions!

03 Future-proof your ERP investment with scalability

Change is inevitable. With a true cloud ERP, you can gain the ability to quickly and easily add functionality as the business grows. You could start to ask yourself: How is my system going to respond with increased amounts of data? Can it be deployed into multiple computing environments? Protect your investment by speaking to our experienced consultants.

Company Profile
Introv (英迪瑞)為雲端系統顧問先驅,為香港及台灣企業提供雲計算解決方案。作為全球第一大雲端企業資源規劃(ERP)NetSuite系統的頂尖五星獲獎供應商,幫助初創、電商、零售、餐飲、物業管理企業客戶包括人工智能與雲端供應商CloudMile、AI/ML企業MoBagel、CASETiFY、香港房屋協會等發展,顯著革新其運營流程、發掘企業潛力、提升業績。As the pioneer in the cloud industry, offering cloud computing solutions in Hong Kong and Taiwan especially for technology, eCommerce, retail, food and beverage, property management, Introv is the 5-Star Awarded Winner recognized by Oracle NetSuite. Clients: Startups like technology firms CloudMile, MoBagel, CASETiFY, Hong Kong Housing Society, etc. 如需了解更多,請瀏覽: https://introv.com/