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Enhance Guest Satisfaction from first impression, Increase Operation Productivity and Potential Revenue
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It is that simple to use our GSR robots! With a few simple taps on the screen, you can complete: online reservation confirmation, ID verification, hotel check-in/out, credit card payment, key card pick-up, and more! Yes, you are not dreaming, it is a truly ALL-IN-ONE experience
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Reduction in time spent checking in & out
6K personalised WhatsApp messages per month
50K pieces of paper saved monthly by going paperless
100% All in one hotel solution


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Guests can complete a pre-arrival registration, including entering personal information and making a payment before coming to the hotel. They will then receive a check-in QR code that they will present to a robot in the lobby, which will ask for their documents and signature and give them their room key.

Guests can complete check-in in five minutes instead of the average eight to ten minutes of speaking with the front desk staff. This solution helps improve customer experience and solves the shortage in staffing.

Throughout this registration process and the duration of the guest’s stay, the hotel communicates with the guests via WhatsApp. Blue Pin selected Twilio’s WhatsApp API to enable the hotel to send targeted messages to their guests depending on their behavior, preferences, and previous purchases. These personalised messages include upsells and cross-sells of hotel services, such as candlelit dinners for two, romantic movies, and other room services.

After their stay, guests continue to receive personalised messages from the hotel, including promotions, discounts, and special offers.

Blue Pin is also developing a solution allowing guests to request in-room services, like housekeeping, via WhatsApp to expand the hotel’s personalised services.

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Blue Pin Automation Solution Smart Hotel Solutions that Enhance Guest Satisfaction from first impression, Increase Operation Productivity and Potential Revenue Technologies are cool, and so should your hotel business. Our newest GSR hotel automation solution helps you do just that, with even more effective and innovative features to make the future of hospitality go live in your hotel business. Being the first of its kind, the Blue Pin GSR hotel automation solution brings the entire guest interaction process (e.g., check-in, check-out) right to a simple touch and completed within MINUTES.