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在現今的數位世界中,線上購物正迅速成為全球消費者購買消費品的首選方式。因此,電子商務已成為所有現代企業的必需品。 對買家而言,他們希望企業能夠提供方便及無縫的在線購物體驗,以及快速準確的交貨時間表。 Introv 的全渠道智能零售體驗解決方案 (Introv Omnichannel Retail Solution) 讓您的電子商務快速啟動並運行,優化庫存和供應鏈管理,縮短交貨時間,並統一內部團隊的數據及提供實時商業運營資料,幫助你的企業發掘更大競爭力!


IT Consultancy - Our IT Consultants help achieve your unique business goals whilst overcoming your challenges. We offer expert advices on how to operate your business better by digital transformations, and how to ultimately to grow and eliminate wastage.
Business Analysis - We can help identify any problems, potential opportunities and gaps within the service delivery and execution in all industries and in all sizes.
IT Strategy - We will guide and help put together an IT roadmap driven by your business goals, objectives and your growth plans.
Cloud Services - We offer a variety of cloud services to suit of a variety of business needs. Whether you are a growing business or have limited office space for your IT infrastructure, you can access your data from anywhere, at any time, securely.
Project Management - We can help you outline your business practice and disciplines and further utilise your leadership skills to better engage with stakeholders to ensure your initiatives are completed to scope, to schedule and within budget.
Implementation - We offer a range of services that go beyond deployment, helping you plan, implement and integrate your solutions efficiently and effectively and in a way that makes sense to your business.
Maintenance - If you are looking for additional maintenance and support for your business, our Specialist Consultants are here to provide a service that will keep your systems up and running, 24×7 in an event of the unexpected.
Roll Out - With careful planning and a highly experienced implementation team, we can help roll out your new software quickly and efficiently.
Training/Support If your team is growing or whether you need a refresher course, get in touch with us. We offer comprehensive training support packages to suit all corners of the business function.
Adoption Support Only - We offer two types of Adoption services: Software Adoption and User Adoption

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Omnichannel Retail Solution in DETAIL


01 Shoppers 360


  • Capture shopper information, buying habits and behaviours
  • Integrate customer data from every data source and touchpoint
  • Personalise interactions and the overall shopping experience
  • Tap into invaluable data and increase share of wallet


02 Unified Commerce


  • Synchronise all sales, orders, stocks, customer loyalty etc.
  • Leverage CRM data for personalised in-store engagement
  • Enable omnichannel management


03 Real-time business insights and analytics


  • Generate and analyse reports on shoppers and products
  • Analytical insights/discovery on RFM, GM, etc.
  • Stay Competitive


04 Optimised Inventory Management


  • Empower in-store staff with real-time stock visibility to deliver a seamless shopping experience
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to automate stock allocation among stores
  • Automate demand and supply
  • Support smart delivery scheduling
  • Automate store replenishment

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Company Profile
Introv (英迪瑞)為雲端系統顧問先驅,為香港及台灣企業提供雲計算解決方案。作為全球第一大雲端企業資源規劃(ERP)NetSuite系統的頂尖五星獲獎供應商,幫助初創、電商、零售、餐飲、物業管理企業客戶包括人工智能與雲端供應商CloudMile、AI/ML企業MoBagel、CASETiFY、香港房屋協會等發展,顯著革新其運營流程、發掘企業潛力、提升業績。As the pioneer in the cloud industry, offering cloud computing solutions in Hong Kong and Taiwan especially for technology, eCommerce, retail, food and beverage, property management, Introv is the 5-Star Awarded Winner recognized by Oracle NetSuite. Clients: Startups like technology firms CloudMile, MoBagel, CASETiFY, Hong Kong Housing Society, etc. 如需了解更多,請瀏覽: